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Better mental health
through sport

Fitness makes us happy.

We started the Head2Core Foundation to promote the transformative powers of maintaining an active lifestyle. We do this by raising funds through awesome and engaging events and partnerships, both virtual and in person, with proceeds going to associations and organizations that integrate mental health and sport.

A special thanks to our amazing partners


By the age of 40, about half of the population will have struggled with mental illness.


Just ten minutes of moderate intensity exercise can leave you with improved sleep, stress relief, and an improved mood.

Why we started Head2Core:

Promote better health through sport

Attract more people in the community to become active through fun spirited activities

Advance mental health research and mental health organizations

Give back to the community

“Andrew Carter has been the number one morning host in Montreal for 20 years as host of the ANDREW CARTER MORNING SHOW on CJAD800 AM. He has nothing to be depressed about. He loves his job, is well rewarded, and has a great family and many friends and hobbies. But he suffers from depression. It kind of snuck up on him. Here is the story he told to his listeners. Please bear with the pauses, because it is a difficult story to tell. Maybe it sounds familiar to you.”

Andrew Carter
Radio host, CJAD


La Classique Head2core: Save the date November 12!

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08h00: Site Opens: bib collection, massage, changing room, warm up to the start line

09h00: Start of the 21 and 42 km
11h00: Start of the 10 km
12h30: Start of the 5 km

14h00: Site Closes: 42km time limit, post-race snacks and site closure

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